Reasons Why You Should Start Freelancing While Working In Day Job


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Over 54 million Americans are now freelancing to get away with minimum wage and being stuck into a 9-5 job.

Getting into freelancing, it’s given that you will be having an additional source of income but, most of the people do not realize that you can obtain more as you work on it. Having a job on the side, do not only help your financial needs but also, it enhances your capabilities in many aspects.

Let’s get straight to freelancing facts and how does it help you to grow.

  1. It allows you to expose your creativity and true passion.

Most of the employees working in a day job don’t have the opportunity to expose their creativity since all they do is repetitive tasks. In freelancing, you are not only stuck in just one task, you will be able to scrutinize your skills efficiently. There are tasks that you have to go beyond the usual skills you use. For example, you are working as a virtual assistant, and then your client will ask you to do some graphic designs, social media or website management.

At first, you will feel a little of cultural shock since you are just starting but, as weeks pass by you’d realize that you can do a lot of things more than the usual tasks you do in an office based job.

  1. It develops valuable connections.

“Don’t build networks, make real connections.” – Jeff Haden; President of BlackBird Media.

In freelancing, you will learn how to make real connections towards your clients. As you go deep into finding the solutions they need for their businesses, you are already making real connections with your clients that will last for a lifetime. Also, if you work smart for your clients’ need, this will lead you to have repeat and referral clients.

  1. It helps you to be more discipline.

Working in a day job while being self-employed or a freelancer, this enhances your time management skills and prevents procrastination. You need to be dedicated when submitting and accomplishing your tasks. In freelancing, the more you value your clients, more opportunities await you. Learning how to set aside your personal problems or hindrances to achieving your clients’ goal can be so rewarding.

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