How to make a calculative decision about Office Space?


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Are you one of those start-ups that are looking for a space to snuggle in? Well, you have no reason to be disappointed in the present time. The markets are flooded with options. But yes, you have to be careful about the options that are important. You cannot make a rush decision. After all, it is going to impact your business, growth and of course overall welfare.

Whether you decide Commercial office space in mg road Gurgaon or any other space; make sure that you have given it a lot of thought before signing any papers or documents.  If you want to make your decision more effective, righteous and productive then have a look below:

Take into consideration your employees

Work out where your employees live and then from there, seek out an office space that is relatively easy for each to travel to on a daily basis. Here if you come up with a centralized location, it would be the most vital consideration in the process. Onceyou make it easy for everybody to get there, you might retain maximum possible talent, existing and future.”  

Find out how much space you need.

In a typical sense, a great rule of thumb is budgeting for nearly 1,000 square feet for every four to six staff members. On the basis of   the layout, you should be in a position to snuggle everyone in comfortably by making use of this basic formula.

Avoid an awful landlord

Bad landlords are right there next to the bad bosses. These fellows can make your life — and the lives of the employees working for you– miserable. To make sure that you end up with a landlord who is good, professional and plays fair, talk to occupants in the building or I the co-working arrangement that you are considering renting space in.  You might not want to step into the buildingwherein if any lights or anything go out of order; the landlord neglects it all. Certainly this is something that makes problems for your business productivity.

The surroundings

Once you have found a good space for your business, make sure that you have paid much attention to the surroundings too. You cannot end up with a space that is good but the surroundings are not at all tolerable. What is the point if your business has to suffer because of the surroundings? Remember, if the surroundings are good, your employees can work in a more effective, focused and proper manner. Moreover, once you own a space in a region or area that is good; the reputation of your start-up would also get effective in a good manner. What is the point if you begin your start-up business in an area but later on get really bad feedbacks about that surroundings and that area? It would be devastating for your business right?


So, no matter you look for shared office space in mg road Gurgaon or are planning to get a space otherwise for your start-up business; you have to be calculative in your decisions.

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