How to Effectively Target Male Consumers


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For any business to be successful, you need to know who your target market is. As a startup, you must have a clear understanding of who will buy your products or services to know how to entice them into purchasing. If your target is male consumers, how will you convince them to buy?

Be Straightforward

Men are the epitome of the saying “less is more.” While both men and women consume information, women usually spend more time doing research than men. For instance, when looking for a shaving cream, women tend to read about ingredients, how it is used, why it is good, and other information that will help them decide which product to buy. For men, they require less information to buy what they need.

Become the First Option

It is known that men stop shopping and buy the first option that they think can fit their needs. This is why your website must give the important information that they need right away. But you also be careful not to overdo it.

Once they get to the landing page, show them immediately why they have to buy your product or use your service. For each product page, including the photo of the product, description, and price. This way they can easily decide if they want to make a purchase. As for women, they are likely to compare other products.

Go Mobile

According to SeeWhy, a Real-Time Behavioral Marketing Company, 22% of men make purchases on smartphones compared to 18% of women. This means that men are more likely to buy with their mobile devices than women. If your target market is men, then you have to focus more on your online marketing efforts. Make sure that your website is mobile-friendly and responsive.

When planning your marketing strategies, make sure that you know your target consumers to save your resources and increase sales.

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