6 Fundamental Features of an E-Commerce Store


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In this digital age, the internet has come to dominate our lives. It has simplified our lives and nowhere is it more evident than in online shopping. Online shoppers can save money, time and effort.

If you are a merchant site wishing to exploit the boom in online shopping, you must also ensure that your e-commerce store has the following features:

Be Mobile Ready

Online shoppers need a clear and convenient shopping experience, whatever be the device on which they are shopping. Your online store must be constructed on a design template that is responsive and its features must be available to all consumers, anywhere and at any time.

It is vital that your website and its content must be supported on all devices which access the internet. All functions and features must work flawlessly, providing users a fluid mobile experience which complements your brand, whether on your laptop or smartphone. For instance, you can buy toothpaste dispenser online India from your mobile easily and conveniently.

Free Shipping Options

As per studies, majority of shoppers consider free shipping as most vital aspect of online shopping. Another factor impacting their experience is offering shipping services, early in the shopping experience. Many customers abandon shopping carts after finding a high total amount at the end of shopping. At the same time, more and more customers are attracted by free shipping.

Advanced Search Functions and Navigation

You must first examine whether your website is user friendly. Get feedback on this by asking a few of your friends to check out the site and provide honest opinion. Your e-commerce store must be constructed in such a fashion that it enables easy shopping. The software used to build it must provide ease of navigation. If your tools are not offering this, it is time to upgrade.

In online retail, search and navigation options are important. For instance, search functionality must provide online shoppers with potential options for possible items they are searching for.

High Quality Images

A picture is truly worth a thousand words. It is all the more so, in relation to online shopping. Images of your products will drive many internet users to shop from your store. Product photos of onlinestores are vital as online shoppers cannot touch, feel and see at close hand the products which they wish to buy. As such product photos must be crystal clear and taken with high resolution cameras. Image options must include zoom features, viewing angles, multiple images etc.

Detailed Product Description

The key to online retail is to present a product which caters to the whim of the customers. Online stores do not have sales personnel, who can help customers with their purchases. Hence it must have product descriptions which can substitute for a live sales attendant. The site must offer appealing and vivid content, which inspire net users to buy. Important details like expiry date, weight, size dimensions, date of manufacture etc., must be included in the product description. While buying toothpaste dispenser online shopping india, you can gain all relevant product descriptions at the website.

Customer Reviews

Because of the highly competitive world of today, online stores must offer customers with reviews by former and current customers.  Customer reviews are today replacing the role of friendly, neighbourhood advice. They are a useful tactic to advance online business.

These are some of the features of a great online store.

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